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capable_of's Journal

Lex Luthor
3 December 1985
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Lex Luthor is a young man of 22, with gray-blue eyes, medium height, pale skin and a distinctive complete lack of hair. He holds himself and acts in a confident, yet aloof manner and relaxes only in the company of very few.

 -an expensive dress casual dark gray suit complete with a white shirt with gold cuff links, a black belt, a yellow tie with subtle white and purple stripes, a pair of black dress socks, a pair of silk boxer briefs and a pair of black dress shoes, all from the finest stores in Metropolis
 -a simple compass, a wedding present from Jonathan Kent, in his right pants pocket
 -a beautiful watch with a genuine Napoleonic coin set in the face, given to him by his mother just before she died
 -a platinum wedding band, from his marriage to Dr. Helen Bryce

Had but lost in the initial plane crash
 -a foreign leather wallet containing no cash, three credit cards, plant security clearance card and his driver's license
 -a multi-purpose pda cellphone, registered to LexCorp

Lex crash lands on the island from the end of the tv show Smallville's season two finale, Exodus

Lex Luthor belongs to the CW & DC Comics and Micheal Rosenbaum belongs to himself. This is just a roleplaying journal for the_blank_slate